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Oct 6, 2012 6:00pm PDT
wind out of lkvernor romney's sails? >> reporter: well, talk about a lymentum stopper there, jim. i mean, what it has done it really rob romney of one of his sost reliable lines in his hempaign speeches. i've heard him say over and eser, under president obama, has neyment has never been below 8%. obviously, he's not saying that now. instead what we saw yesterday and what he's going to say here in this rally tonight is it d bed be better and it would be better if he were president, reminding people of just how much americans in this country are struggling and saying those numbers just don't reflect how bad this economy really is. >> axelrod: what else do you expect, jan, in the run-up to the second debate? foreporter: well, what we've already seen is more focus, more aggressiveness coming from governor romney after that debate, but, jim, there is one other thing that is so striking. i've never seen it in the 10 months i've covered this campaign as what we saw last night in st. petersburg, mitt mneyey, very private man, does not like to talk about himself-- eaich is kind of unusual fo
Oct 14, 2012 6:00pm EDT
not been showing leadership. so in that way it's a way for romney to make a case about the administration as a whole even though it's on an issue that will not be front of mind for voters. >> jeff: let's talk about the electoral college math now if we could for a moment. what does the math look like right now for each candidate? >> the math favors president obama at the start. there are more states that he is likely to win in his column than for mitt romney. then when you look at the battleground states, the president has more pathways to get to that magical number of 270. so for example, he could lose florida, ohio, and virginia to mitt romney and still there are enough battle grouped states that he could cobble together that 270 number. for a rom three, reallying thins have been going better recently in colorado and florida. that helps him erase the president's advantage in the electoral college so it all comes down to ohio. romney has been there four out of the last five days. and the president is paying close attention to the 18 electoral votes there. so we're at anothe
Oct 9, 2012 6:30pm EDT
defending himself. at his family's urging, romney-- a private man-- has been telling personal stories of helping others. today in iowa he talked of meeting a former navy seal who was killed, along with three other americans, in the attacks in libya. >> and it -- itouched me, obviously, as i recognized this young man that i thought was so impressive had lost his life in the service of his fellow men and women. >> reporter: now, romney is also being more force informal defending himself from those attacks as he focuses on these states that could decide the election. scott, he will be here in ohio four days this week. >> pelley: thank you, jan. also in ohio is our political director john dickerson. john, how much should we make of romney's new momentum? >> reporter: well, here in the state they're seeing it all over the place. the lines for tickets for an event in the northeastern part of the state were so long that officials here are saying that it might be the biggest of romney's entire campaign. but campaign officials are cautious. they know it's a long slog ahead. if you coun
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)